Simulated Game Shooting Days

Set amongst the beautiful Norfolk and Suffolk countryside, our Simulated Game Shooting Days experiences closely to replicate the thrill and excitement of the best game shoots. With plenty of challenging clays, from high Pheasant to fast Grouse, these days are guaranteed to warm your barrels.

The layout of our days is organised in the same way as Game Shoots. All shooters meet at 9:15am for Tea, Coffee and introductions before a full day of shooting, broken up with Traditional Elevenses and a 2 course Lunch. Each day includes four Simulated Game drives shooting approx. 1,500 clays per drive. We host these days at four different locations allowing us to meet everyone’s requirements such as Quidenham Estate for our luxurious Shoot Lodge and Historic Estate over 3,600 acres to Bridge Farms fast woodlands, large open reservoir and an idyllic quarry allowing for sky high birds. We shoot 8 pegs per day, 2 guns per peg allowing you to load for each other.

Although the day is set out intentionally to ideally replicate the best game shoots, simulated game days will always provide a large influx of targets. As clays and traps are much more predictable than live game, you can be guaranteed a successful day’s clay shooting. With no shortage of clays in the air on a simulated shoot, poaching from your neighbour is not frowned upon so keep an eye out for any missed targets across the line of pegs.

We can offer private Simulated Shoot Parties for any special occasion most days of the week, all year round. If you have your own private land and you’d like a Simulated Shoot there instead of one of our locations we are more than happy to bring all our equipment and staff to you and put on a bespoke Simulated Shoot. Send us an email or phone call to arrange a date.


  • Philip Thorrold Shooting Academy, Thelnetham

  • Bridge Farm, Stowlangtoft

  • Barrow Forelock and Load

  • Quidenham Estate