The Answer - Pheasant Shooting

The Answer - Pheasant Shooting

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The Ultimate Guide to Pheasant Shooting!

This DVD reveals the different techniques and leads required for a wide variety of pheasants, the format has been carefully thought out and designed to bring you a training DVD that is clear and easy to understand. From beginner to a seasoned professional everyone will find this an extremely valuable resource.

Birds covered in this DVD:
– Crossing Left to Right
– Crossing Right to Left
– Straight Driven
– Driven Over Left Shoulder
– Driven Over Right Shoulder
– Curling
at distances ranging from
20m up to 45m away.

Runtime 37 Mins Approx.

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The Basics

There is a short introduction to gun safety, gun fit and muscle memory.


The Techniques

A simulated reproduction shows the different techniques in a way that is clear and easy to understand.


The Leads

Detailed analysis of gun camera footage shows exactly when and where the shot was placed.
The analysis shows how far away the bird is and exactly how much lead was given.