‘Little’ John Porter


Joined the Academy: 2017



Student Bio:

John has been training with Ben and Philip at Philip Thorrold Shooting Academy for 1 year, in that one year John has shot 15,000 cartridges at the age of 8. ‘Little’ John also trains skeet with Pete Bloomfield and since shooting the “Thorrold” style has already shot a 50 straight. John enjoys shooting, playing Fortnite, and eating sausages and chocolate (not at the same time though!). His favourite shooting ground is Barrow Sporting Clay’s and he attends there at every shoot without fail. John believes hard work and good teaching gives good results.

Student Achievements:

  • CPSA class C Sporting wins 2

  • CPSA biggest Sporting score 81

  • Multiple wins Sporting CPSA colts

  • Suffolk Junior Skeet Doubles Champion

  • British Schools and Young Shots Under 14 2017 - 8th

  • British Schools and Young Shots Under 14 2018 – 13th

  • Biggest ever cash win £150, Highwaymas 3rd place colts

  • Smallest ever cash win £10, beat Philip Thorold shoot out on training ground