Joined the Academy: 2016

Shooting Fields: English Sporting, English Skeet, Compak Sporting


Student Bio:

I started shooting competitions in 2015 after my dad and brother got me to have a go at a local shoot.  I really enjoyed it and decided to dedicate some of my weekends to competitive shooting and training to be better, I started training at the Academy with Philip Thorrold in 2016. I was lucky enough to be the first lady in clay shooting to win a car at the Schools Challenge in 2017 at the age of 13 and have since won several titles at the CPSA majors. My ambition is to shoot for team GB at Compak Sporting, so this is my goal for 2019.

“The first girl to ever win a car”


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Student Achievements:

2019 -

  • 2019 British Open Sport Trap 3rd in Ladies.

  • 2019 Lady Champion at British Schools and Young Shots Championships

  • 2019 Express Masters at AGL 3rd in Ladies 99/120

  • 2019 Essex Masters 2nd in C Class 161/200.

  • 2019 1st in C Class at Cheddite Sporting Championships 88/120.

2018 -

  • 2018 English Open Lady Colts Silver

  • 2018 Cambridgeshire Sporting Ladies Champ

  • 2018 Benelli Colts U18 Champion 2nd in lady

  • 2018 Gold Lady Colts World Sporting

  • 2018 Silver Colts British Compak GP

  • 2018 Gold British Sportrap Lady Colt Champ

  • 2018 Gold British Sporting Lady Colt Champ

  • 2018 Cambridgeshire Sportrap Ladies Champ

  • 2018 Cambridgeshire Sportrap Colts

2017 -

  • 2017 English Open Lady Colts Bronze

  • 2017 British Sportrap Lady Colts Gold

  • 2017 British Sporting Lady Colts Silver

  • 2017 The Schools Challenge Final Girls Winner (car won)

  • 2018 Cambridgeshire Skeet Ladies Champ

2016 -

  • 2016 British Sporting Lady Colts Bronze

2015 -

  • 2015 Cambridgeshire Sportrap Colts Champion

  • 2015 Cambridgeshire Sporting Colts Champion